How It Works

The Story

Mr. Sung Lee invented the Ultimate Gum Solution Mouthwash out of a desperate need. After 30 years going to dental specialists, he had spent over $25,000 for major gum procedures with only partial success. He had to visit the dentist office monthly for gum infection treatment! There seemed to be no end to his gum disease …

He began researching Dr. Weston Price's clinical findings that the cause of dental decay is nutritional deficiencies. Based on Dr. Price's discoveries Mr. Lee created the Ultimate Gum Solution Nutritional Mouthwash.

Since formulating and using Ultimate Gum Solution, he has not spent even one penny for gum treatment … indeed a 100% success!

Mr. Lee has retired but wants to continue sharing this special formula with everyone because he knows how painful and expensive dental problems are.

We can confidently say, that after 15 years of improvement on his formula, we now have a 99% success rate with thousands of customers worldwide.


    1. an analgesic to relieve gum pain instantly.
    2. an antibacterial within the deep pockets of the gum.
    3. as a preventive protectant against gum infection.


    • Healing Gum Disease at The Root Cause
    • Receding/Bleeding Gums, Swollen or Sore Gums
    • Get Relief from Tooth and Gum Pain
    • Eliminate Bad Breath and its Causes
    • Treat Periodontal Disease
    • Help to Avoid the Need for Root Canal & Gum Surgery

    Lab Tested by Dr. Ner H. Azaula, D.D.S.

    "We tested 57 of our own dental patients, and the results showed up to 91% positive results within 3 to 7 days, for symptoms such as bad breath, swollen gums, receding gums, toothache..." - Dr. Ner H. Azaula, D.D.S.

    Dr. Ner H. Azula

    Ultimate Gum Solution clinical test result

    100% Natural

    Contains over 96 proprietary blended and processed natural nutritional ingredients with strong antibacterial properties.

    Ingredients: Morinda Citrifolia, CoQ10, high concentrate Vitamin A/B2/B9/C/E/D/K, as well as ginseng, ginkgo biloba, organic seaweeds, fulvic acid, organic aloe vera leaf, kelp, lutein, wild blueberry extracts, some amino acids, enzymes, and minerals.

    The Background

    Based On The Tested & Proven Clinical Research by Dr. Weston Price, DDS.


    After treating over 5,000 dental patients, Dr. Price tested and proved his theory that the cause of dental decay is nutritional deficiencies and focal infection (published in two volumes in 1923). This theory was also endorsed by the most well-known medical doctors and dentists in America including Dr. Charles Mayo who established the Mayo Clinic later.


    Dr. Meinig was Shocked by Dr. Weston Price's, Research on Root Canal Surgery!

    Dr. Meinig, one of the founders of the American Association of Endodontists (Root Canal Specialists), decided to read all of the detailed research of Dr. Weston Price, (D.D.S.).

    Dr. Meinig was shocked as he found a valid documentation of systemic illnesses resulting from latent infections lingering in filled roots, which he recorded in his book “Root Canal Cover Up”.



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