Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can UGS reverse the effects of periodontitis?

A. Periodontitis can't be reversed, only slowed down. The destroyed bone, recessed gums and pockets cannot be restored. However you can slow and even stop the progress of gum disease, as well as avoiding gum recession. Your gums will remain as healthy as they can be.

Q. How will the Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ help me?

A. UGS will help to strengthen the bone, but UGS cannot restore it to its original form. There could be some reduction of the gum pocket areas. The important thing is the powerful, all natural antiseptic. The antibiotic solution will kill all the destructive bacteria and stop any further decay of bone and gum. That is why daily care of your gums by brushing, flossing and irrigating with the Solution is vital to your gums' health.Ā 

Q. Is there any danger to my health if I use Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ for a long period of time?

A. UGS is made of 100% natural ingredients. It is 100% safe. There are no side effects. It can not cause any harm even if you swallow it. It is a natural liquid.

Q. What is the quality of this Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢?

A. Please read the Ingredients Page .

Q. How soon will I be able to see the results?

A. Gum pain from any infection will stop within a few hours. Gum bleeding will stop within a few days. Fighting other more serious gum degeneration issues will take time but you should start to see results withing a few days or weeks, depending on the severity of your problems.

Keep in mind that the solution must penetrate into the infected areas of the deep gum pocket before you are able to see the results!

Q. Can I recommend this product to pregnant women?

A. Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ is made from 100% natural ingredients. It has no side effects. If you are concerned, please consult your dental or health professional.

Q. Are there any conditions which prevent me fromĀ using this product?

A. Always consult your doctor or health professional before using any natural health product.

Q. How do I know the Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ will work for me?

A. Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ is a 100% natural health product. The owner tested it himself by using it for three years with no side effects at all. There are also hundreds of grateful testimonials by customers worldwide.

Q. Will my gums be healthier after using UGS?

A. If you use UGS for a couple of months, you will find your gums will become tighter. As soon as you begin using UGS, it will kill germs, and any bacteria in the deep pocket gum areas. Not only will the pain and bleeding stop, but your body will start to heal itself with the proper nutrition and diet.

Q. If I donā€™t like the product how can I return it and get a refund?

A. Please follow the instructions on the Money-Back Guarantee Page.

Q. How can you be so sure that anyone who suffers from gum infection will get good results?

A. As long as Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ has penetrated into the infected gum area, your result is guaranteed.

Q. How can I get the best results when I am using this product?Ā 

A.Ā For best results we recommend:

  1. After applying UGS into the infected area, part of the Solution will spill into the mouth. Use the spilled Solution as a rinse for about one minute, and then spit it out, or swallow. If you do this every time, it will kill the germs in your mouth and on your tongue.
  2. Don't eat or drink anything other than water for the next 30 minutes to maximize the effects.

Q. How long will a 1 oz bottle of Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ last me?

A. One bottle of UGS will last 1-2 months depending on usage.

The serving size is 5 drops/usage. The bottle contains approximately 450 drops.

For cases of minor gum infections once/day usage is adequate and the bottle should last two or more months. For more serious gum problems we recommend 2-3/day usage and the bottle will last about a month.



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