What's Missing In Your Dental Health? Topical Oral Nutrition

What's Missing In Your Dental Health? Topical Oral Nutrition


What you already know is…

If bacteria is overgrowing in your mouth, you are going to get problems. Individuals that practice oral hygiene have 1,000 to 100,000 bacteria living on each tooth surface, while less clean mouths can have between 100 million and 1 billion bacteria on each tooth. [1]

Bacterial growth unchecked can release acid that causes

  • cavities
  • gum disease
  • bad breath
  • Various other oral health conditions

BUT, what you don’t know...

Not all bacteria in the mouth are bad.

Good Oral Bacteria?

Here's what you need to know about good bacteria:

Recent science has made breakthroughs in understanding the importance of good bacteria in the gut. This is critical for many of the body's important physiological processes (such as fighting off infection and digestion).

You may already be taking probiotics to supplement the natural production of good bacteria.

But the mouth is a much less appreciated part of our microbiome ecology.

That’s too bad because the mouth is the first point of contact and is connected to every part of the body.

Any holistic health treatment needs to take the mouth into account. Yet we often think of it as a seperate part of the body. Rather, it is what impacts everything "downstream".

So how should we create a good oral environment for our overall health?

  • Avoid adding harmful substances to the mouth
  • Take natural substances that reduce bad bacteria but not the good bacteria.
  • Provide nutritional support for oral cells that regulate the environment

Let’s further explore the first point.

Why You Should Stop Using Commercial Mouthwash

There are a few myths about mouthwash. But the truth is:

  1. It doesn't cure bad breath: It is temporary.
  2. It doesn't replace brushing because it cannot dislodge plaque.
  3. Killing all the bacteria is not a good strategy. Good bacteria is necessary for oral health.

But it gets worse.

Mouthwashes leave your mouth dry and burning, and create an imbalanced ecology and pH level.

Dryness and burning are some of the
side effects of commercial mouthwash.
It is not the best way.

Mouthwash can

  • Reduce the effectiveness of saliva, which has proteins that both wash away bacteria and form a protective coating on teeth
  • It can be harmful because it has high amounts of alcohol that can irritate oral tissues.
  • It creates a vacuum: After the sterilization of your mouth, the common bad bacteria can come back and thrive before the body has a chance to recreate the conditions for good bacterial flora.


A better antibiotic?

So, the best way is to use “targeted” antibiotics that already exist in nature. These have been shown to eliminate the 23 most common types of oral bacteria.

Some “natural antibiotics”

  • Morinda citrifolia (aka Noni, from coffee) - studies show this is a good irrigant for root canals. [2, 3]
  • Fulvic acid (from the earth) - This is a good inhibitor of disease-causing bacteria. [4]
  • Panax ginseng - studies show it to improve blood flow, which allows your natural antibodies to do their job. [5]
Natural antibiotics target bad bacteria

These items do double duty by also providing nutrition for the body to naturally keep a healthy environment through maintaining “balance” on a  microscopic level.

You can get easy access to these good natural antibacterial ingredients through a “nutritional mouthwash” such as our Ultimate Gum Solution.

Again, the mouth is the beginning of all health "downstream", so it is critical to take care of it before issues spread to the rest of the body.

Research has uncovered a connection between oral health and internal organs. Poor mouth health can lead to heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. [6, 7]

The Ugly Truth About Dental Surgery

Dentist knows best?

Every dental surgery presents real risks.
Consider all your options.

When he or she says you need a filing, a crown, a root canal, an implant, we have the automatic thought, "Okay, sure I don't want to lose my teeth. Dentistry is supposed to be safe and effective."

This article is not combating those assertions. We are simply saying you should research and consider your options carefully.

Root Canal Cover Up: George E Meining 
evidence that root canals
damage your health

For example: George Meinig D.D.S., a root canal specialist, looked into the issues in his book "The Root Canal Cover Up", where he explains that root canals, though meant to clean the decay inside a tooth, actually can expose the teeth dentin (microscopic tubules) where bacteria can hide. These bacteria can spread infections to the rest of the body, like the heart and liver. [8]

There is no such thing as a 100% clean root canal.

Also adding foreign metals into the teeth such as mercury is controversial, and there is still furious debate to what it could mean in the long term.

In the very least, if your dentist says you need a root canal or surgery, ask:

  • Is it absolutely necessary?
  • Is it possible the tooth will recover?
  • What are my options?
  • Will my infection spread?
  • How predictable is the treatment?
  • If it’s a root canal: What if I don’t do it? Should I go right for an implant? Should I have this done by a specialist or can you do as good of a job?

Also read: “How to never need dental work again”

Some Alternative Remedies To Try

If you decide against dental surgery (which you are doing at your own risk), consider using a healthy remedy such as oil pulling. This, in conjunction with a nutritional mouthwash rinse, can extract bacteria and reset the good oral environment inside the teeth’s microscopic tubules.

You can see our article on remedies for the 10 most common dental problems

What you should put in your mouth

Here’s the secret: The only way to maintain a truly lasting oral health is for your body to be healthy enough to regulate the oral environment. This is possible through having healthy cells from good nutrition and diet.

So you should eat a nutrient rich diet, but the effects will take time to reach the mouth as you body will take time to repair many issues.

That’s why you can use this approach as a shortcut.

The secret of Topical Oral Nutrition

Put simply: Direct absorption.

The mouth can absorb nutrients directly with a nutritional mouthwash.

This works because the mouth has capillaries close to the surface to absorb nutrients dissolved by the saliva. Indeed, many medications use this technique to enter the bloodstream transbuccally (through the cheek) or sublingually (under the tongue). [9, 10]

Nutrients absorbed directly into the mouth can immediately begin to be absorbed into the cells to start the oral healing process.

Where to get a nutritional mouthwash?

Although there aren't many options on the market, nutritional mouthwash is already showing that this approach is a game changer.

A quality product needs to be able to create the best nutritional and oral environmental conditions to be effective (which has many factors such as pH, lipid solubility, and molecular weight).

Our recommended 100%
Ultimate Gum Solution

We believe the best option is Ultimate Gum Solution, which has shown to improve oral health issues for 91% of the subjects in 3-7 days.

You can try the Ultimate Gum Solution for free here.


So to answer the question...

How to fix any dental issue? The thing your missing...

  • Use a nutritional mouthwash instead of commercial mouthwash
  • Keep good oral hygiene (brush and floss at least twice everyday)
  • Maintain an overall healthy lifestyle as everything is connected
  • Try alternative remedies
  • Use invasive dental surgeries as a last resort.

If you would like further details about how to implement these principles, you can download our free resource. These are printable infographics that make it super easy to reference at any time.


Sung Lee, Founder

"I had spent over $25,000 for two major gum surgeries with only partial success. Since formulating Ultimate Gum Solution, I’ve never been to a dentist office or spend even one penny for any gum treatment. 

These 15 years we've been in business, our aim has been to assure those with gum disease symptoms should never have to spend $1000's on gum surgeries and treatments as long as they take the nutritional path."



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Article by Michael Holmes

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