Why The Research was Covered Up and Buried

Why The Research was Covered Up and Buried

In this issue:
Why The Research was Covered Up and Buried
How Focal Infection Theory Disbelievers Brought on
This Blunder- Part I
By Dr. George Meining,D.D.S.,

* Suppression of the Dr. Weston Price accomplishments
was unfortunate for the development of medicine
and detrimental to the health of our people.
* Mainly responsible was a dispute which took place
among health professionals as to the validity of
the focal infection theory.
* Simply stated, the focal infection theory takes
position that infected teeth, tonsils, tonsil tags,
sinuses and such areas of infection contain bacteria
which can travel to another gland, organ or tissue
and set up a new infection site.

Dr. Weston Price was not the only doctor carrying
out research on this subject.

Among the 60 members of the American Dental
Association's Research Institute governing body
were such famous doctors as Charles Mayo, organizer
of the Mayo Clinic; Milton Rosenau, professor of
preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins; William
Welch, professor of pathology;Frank Billings who
gave focal infection its name; Truman Brophy;
Frank Billings who gave focal infection its
name;Truman Brophy,dental school dean; Frank Lillie,
professor of zoology and embryology; and Victor
Vaughan, medical department dean and American
Medical Association president.
As in so many disputes about medical discoveries, even
though the majority of leading doctors believed in the
focal infection theory, these leading scientists
were overridden and silenced.
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