Nutritional Deficiencies is The Cause of Dental Decay

Science Behind Ultimate Gum Solution™
Ultimate Gum Solution is 100% natural liquid nutrition with strongest antibacterial

According to Dr. Price’s Dental Infections:
“It seems probable we will come more and more to speak of them as the degenerative diseases, since they constitute the slow loss of function, with structural degeneration, of various organs and tissues of the body. The government statistics speak of them frequently as old-age diseases, and it is pathetic that so many individuals are slowly dying of old age anywhere from 30 years on.”

Further according to Dr. Price research conclusion was that Nutritional Deficiencies are the major cause of dental decay. That is why when Dr. Price found out that although radically different in diets the 14 tribal group has complete immunity to tooth decay and resistance to disease. These 14 tribal group has primitive life style away from the civilized world not using processed foods and sugar in the their diets.
As soon as these tribal group started to use processed foods and sugar in the their diets their tooth decay started with many other diseases.

According to Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S. who is a meticulous research specialist on Dr. Price’s research work said in his book “Root Canal Cover-Up”.
“The most powerful force driving me to report Dr. Price’s work to America and the world is the fact many people are suffering severe ill health, and even premature death, because of these Dental and other Focal Infections. By Dr. Price’s simple experiment of placing root filled or other infected teeth under the skin of rabbits, he has given us an IRON-CLAD method to demonstrate whether a Tooth sterilization method is successful.”

I trust that not only lay readers but the medical and dental professions as well will, at long last, recognize how easily focal infections in TEETH, TONSILS or other tissues can be transferred to other organs and tissues and can end up causing endocarditis in HEARTS, Nephritis in Kidneys, and a whole host of other devastating illnesses.
Since nutritional deficiencies are the major cause of dental decay, The ingredients of Ultimate Gum Solution is 100% natural liquid nutrition with strongest antibacterial.
I, personally, as the Inventor of The Ultimate Gum Solution TM, have been using it for the last 8 years and have received many thousands glowing testimonials from customers worldwide.

That is why I am the one who is the most proud of Ultimate Gum Solution to help many hundreds of thousands people who have dental problem worldwide.
These dental patients like me they not only receive the benefits of solving the dental problems and find the solution to the Degenerative Diseases for themselves by using Ultimate Gum Solution™.

I am 71 years old. I wear fix bridges. They cover both my upper and down teeth. A year ago, the support (the dentist called it saddle, I believe) at the center of the upper bridge got loose. My dentist repaired it by soldering that part together with the rest of the bridge. However, he warned my that there will be decay and, sooner or later, the whole bridge will have to be removed. The worse of it is that I don't have enough teeth support to receive another bridge. So, I would need removable dentures, or try, with doubtful prospects of success, to put implants. And, when I started having infections (swollen gum, pus coming out) in the area that he repaired, he did not think that it was worthwhile to do root canal.

So, I started to use antibiotics (Trimox) trying to fight infection and keep my teeth as long as I could. That gave me only temporary relief. So, I started looking around for other means to treat my problem. I first used Natural Herbal Mouth and Gum Therapy, which helped me with the swelling but not the infection. Then, I found your product. I am using it daily, at least after I brush my teeth after breakfast, and the same at night. If I am at home for lunch, I do the same. I was skeptical at the beginning, but the results are evident: no swelling, and no pus.

I hope this long story gives you a clear and detailed explanation.

And I wish it is useful to you.
Malva E. Filer

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