Gum Disease & Lifesaving Tips #8

Gum Disease & Lifesaving Tips #8

The bacteria and other microorganisms that are involved in Dental Infections- continued from the last article.
This article is part of Dr. George Meinig's, DDS, FACD, research information of the extensive and investigative research of Dr. Weston Price's research work. 

It might be of interest that the wall Street Journal, on the morning of my typing this page, reported that one year ago a small group of Scientists had met and exchanged data on the first drugs discovered by major pharmaceutical companies to arrest the AIDS virus. Their euphoria was blown just six months later when they found the AIDS virus wasn't being controlled but was mutating, and in its new form the infection was able to begin all over again.

The article went on to say that because of the organisms' ability to adjust and change, scientists now feel it may be a long time, if ever, before there is a cure for AIDS. Isn't it interesting that so long ago Dr. Price found bacteria trapped inside of teeth were doing the very same thing?

In the case of mutating streptococci germs or other bacteria housing themselves in dentin tubules, the obvious question is: "So what; how can they escape?"

The cementum itself won't allow the bacteria through its dense substance, except through accessory canals. However, the cementum is not able to stop the toxins of the bacteria from seeing through it structures.

In another investigation, Dr. Price explored this possibility using extracted teeth. He cemented small steel tubes into the root canal from the tooth's root end. He then hooked these up to a device which would pump water into the root canal under pressure. He found that when a dye was introduced, the colored water not only traveled through the dentin tubules but seeped through the entire structure of the cementum, the roots' outer, seemingly impervious, protective covering.

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