Gum Disease & Lifesaving Tips #10

The Summary-The bacteria and other microorganisms
involved in Dental Infections.-Dr.Meinig,D.D.S.
The Price team of bacteriologists isolated the same families of streptococcus, staphylococcus and spirochetes found in root canals reported today.
Ninety percent of bacteria in teeth which produced patients' diseases in animals were streptococcus, 65 and half percent of the time they were of the fecalis family. Current bacteriologists today find Dr. Price's discoveries were accurate.
Dentin, which makes up the majority of a tooth's structure, is the key to understanding the chronic infections present inside of teeth.
The hard, solid appearing dentin is actually made up of tiny tubules which carry a fluid that transports nutrients from the tooth's blood supply to all parts of the tooth.
The tubules are so small one needs a microscope to see them. The number of tubules in a single-rooted front tooth would form a chain three miles long if all were attached together end to end.
Dr. Ralph Steinman, Professor Emeritus at the Loma Linda University Dental School, has shown the fluid movement in dentin tubules flows from the pulp, inside of the tooth, outward and through the enamel and cementum- and that this
movement is reversed when sugar is eaten, even when injected into laboratory rats or intro-duced by way of a stomach tube.
A picture in one of Dr. Price's books shows the presence of bacteria inside of dentin tubules as soon as the first sign of tooth decay took place in that tooth.
In all my schooling and 47 years of dental practice, I never saw a picture of bacteria in dentin tubules. Last year I came across such a picture in one of Dr. Price's two books published in 1923.
When decay causes a tooth to become infected and abscessed, dentists are usually quite successful in cleaning out the root canal and disinfecting it.
In spite of this seeming success of root-canal therapy, Price discovered bacteria which caused the infection penetrated most of the dentin tubules and were not killed during the root-canal therapy.

Dr. Price found these bacteria to be polymorphic -that is, they mutated, became smaller in size, thrived in the absence of oxygen, and became virulent, their toxins more toxic.

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