Gum Disease & Life Saving Tips #29

Gum Disease & Life Saving Tips #29

Why This Research was Covered Up and Buried
How Focal Infection Theory Disbelievers Brought on
This Blunder- Part II
By Dr. George Meining,D.D.S.,

* The fight against the focal infection theory was mainly
carried out by Doctors Percy Howe and John buckley.

* Howe based his opposition on a study he conducted
injecting rabbits with normal placid streptococcus
bacteria secured from the mouth, not bacteria from
an infection site or a root filled tooth.

* In his investigation, none of the animals became sick
or died. Buckley was unable to see how infected teeth
which showed excellent evidence of bone repair after
root canal therapy could possibly still be infectec.
Then too, because some who had root filled teeth
removed did not recover, he questioned the validity
of the conclusion that a percentage og patients did
get well due to the removal of a tooth or teeth.
* The arguments of these two men were weak and they
failed to consider or believe.
That poor nutrition and inherited genetic problems
are also causes of degenerative diseases.

* That oral bacteria do not act in the same manner
as do the germs that cause measles, smallpox, mumps,
scarlet fever, etc.

* That when teeth become infected, oral bacteria find
the dentin tubules an ideal cave-like hiding place,
and these germs and their toxins- like the viruses
that cause cancer - metastasize and escape to infect
hearts,joints,kidneys,lungs,the stomach,eyes,and
countless other tissues.

* That what makes these bacteria so dangerious is their
ability to become polymorphic; that is, to mutate,
adapt,change,become smaller, anaerobic,more virulent
and more toxic.

* That pregnant women or others experiencing a higher
than normal degree of stress become particularly
susceptible to diseases arising from oral infection

* By the mid-thirties, most physicians and dentists
believed the focal infection theory to be correct
and valid.

* With the advent of penicillin, there arose the
belief that antibiotics could cure all these problems,
and little is heard today about focal infections.

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