Gum Disease & Life Saving Tips #20

In this issue:
How the Immune System Becomes Overloaded
By Dr. George Meining,D.D.S., - Part 2
* Pregnancy and lactation: men and women as a group are evenly divided in their susceptibility to illness. That percentage increases to 93 percent of females and only 7 percent of males because of inheritance factors. The most important factors accounting for this change proved to be pregnancy and lactation.
* New and expectant mothers having infected teeth frequently developed acute rheumatism. Inoculations from such patients into rabbits produced multiple illnesses in the rabbits.

* Injury: Those who suffered accidents or injuries and had mouth infections were generally found to have slower than expected healing rates.
We all know people who no sooner get over one illness when they get another.
* Grief: Most of us have also known or heard of people so grief-stricken at the loss of a loved one they develop a series of illness and/or die short time later.
* Exposure: Whenever I heard of a person's contracting a cold or a stiff neck from exposure to the cold, I was somewhat skeptical until I read of a Price Research project on the subject.
* Nutrition: Contrary to our experience with humans, animals on deficient diets were often found by Dr. Price to have an outstanding ability to ward off infections. This ability was lost with aging.
* Most interestingly, the reactions of animals to
dental infection bacteria often produced lesions remarkably like those produced by humans on deficient diets.

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