Gum Disease & Life Saving Tips #19

In this issue:
How the Immune System Becomes Overloaded
- By Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.
* What factors contribute to an overload of the immune system which causes a previously healthy person to become ill?
* If a person's root canal filling has not been affecting his health, what happens to change that status?

* Dr. Price pointed out that sudden overloads or changes such as the Flu, a severe accident, pregnancy, breastfeeding, malnutrition, excessive worry,grief, changes and sudden overloads could tax the effects of the immune system to such an extent it could no longer control bacteria and toxins coming from the root filled tooth or teeth.

* Influenza: During the flu epidemic of 1918, Price studied 260 influenza patients in five different hospitals. He studied both those who had dental infections and those free of infections.

* Those who developed complications such as pneumonia, emphysema,carditis, severe neuritis, and severe rheumatism and also had dental infections numbered 72 percent. Those free of dental problems who developed such illness were only 32 percent.

* Those who were free of dental infections were not apt to get the flu in the first place.

* Statistics from England published two years after the flu epidemtic disclosed that four times as many people died of complications than from the flu itself.

Testimonial from customer
Yes, I would like to share my testimony with your customers. I had the gum
infections for 1-2 years and had used antibiotics which made them
temporarily disappear, only to return with greater tenacity.
My condition began to noticably improve in a week after using the Ultimate
Gum Solution and in less than 3 weeks there was no longer any sign of infection.
Thankyou for your product!
Don W., New York -- 1/4/2005
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