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Root Canal Fillings Getting Better but Still a Problem - By Dr. G eorge Meining, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.
The subject which occupied most of Dr. Price's research time was the multiple roles calcium plays in the functions of the body. These Studies virtually forced themselves upon him as medical and dental literature contained little information about calcium and its important functions.
A list of calcium functions follows:
Every cell is dependent on the presence of Ionic calcium.
It is used in teeth and bones and the movement of muscles.
It is required for the rhythmic action of the heart and the intestines.
It is essential for the clotting of blood.
It plays a role in infections, pregnancy, and in the maintenance of the acid-alkaline balance.
Its presence or absence is a factor in the formation of tooth decay, phorrhea, and the degenerative disease.
The great contributions made by Melvin Page,D.D.S., which have advanced some of the Price findings were discussed; for instance, how routine calcium and phosphorous blood test readings can be used to balance body chemistry. Inasmuch as this is not Price research, I suggest readings go over the chapter again to learn the significance of Dr.Page's contributions to our knowledge of calcium metabolism.
Dr. Price showed beginning awareness of what Page discovered later when he wrote, "What is important is not so much the presence or absence of an available supply of calcium, such as the calcium in foods, as it is the mechanisms that govern the metabolism of calcium."
Another great finding was that of the relationship between the thyroid gland's activity and that of of the parathyroid.
Sung Lee
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