Gum Disease & General Health Tips #45

Gum Disease & General Health Tips #45

Bacteria in The Root Canal- Filled Teeth and Degenerative Diseases
-By Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S.

Gum Disease & General Health Tips #45
Number 45

In this issue:

(1) Bacteria in the Root-Filled Teeth and Degenerative Diseases

-By Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

(2) Testimonial - From a customer

(1) Bacteria in the Root-Filled Teeth and Degenerative Diseases

By Dr. George Meining,D.D.S.,

In the beginning, Dr. Price introduced bacteria living in root-filled teeth by implanting a tooth under a rabbit's skin. As time went on, he introduced organisms by imbedding just small pieces of a tooth's root, or by powdering the roots and injecting the powder. Eventually, bacteria were transferred from the teeth and grown in a culture medium,
and thereafter the bacteria were injected into rabbits for investigative purpose. Each method caused similar degenerative diseases.

Another acute rheumatism case caused 10 inoculated rabbits to experience disease conditions in the following tissues:
three in the heart, three in lungs,three liver, two stomach, four in the kidneys, five developed rheumatism, and one myositis. After the tooth extraction, this patient had no recurrence of her previous troubles in the three years she was studied.

Inoculations from patients having acute eye problems caused a high percentage of eye trouble to develop in rabbits.
One patient had exophthalmos(protruding eyes) and was also suffering from extreme pain from the rupturing of blood vessels. The inoculation of 13 rabbits with that patient's culture resulted in 62 percent developing eye involvements, 69 percent intestinal and digestion tract lesions, and the occurrence of a number of other severe tissue lisions.

The culture from a patient totally blind in one eye and having four-fifths loss of sight in the other caused one rabbit to develop multiple lisions and the other nine to experience eye trouble.

Regarding a patient suffering from diarrhea and bowel movements every 15 minutes, all of four rabbits developed diarrhea and bowel movements every 15 minutes, all of four rabbits developed diarrhea. In another acute digestive case, of six inoculatedĀ  rabbits, three had involvement of their stomachs and intestines, and one of the gallbladder and liver. After that effort, the cultured material was passed through a Berkefeld filter to
remove all bacteria, leaving only their toxins. These toxins were then inoculated into nine rabbits: 44 percent developed intestinal trouble, 67 percent liver disturbances, and 33 percent heart diseases, proving the by-products of bacteria are as dangerous if not more so, than the organisms themselves.

It is critical to kill the bacteria in the mouth and gum area before the bacteria penetrate into our tooth decay process. That is why we recommend our subscribers to maintain
routine usage of our Ultimate Gum Solutionā„¢ daily. More information: Visit our site

You can see from all these cases that more often than not rabbits developed the patient's disease when inoculated. At the same time, it wasn't unusual for them to become victims of diseases in a number of other organs or tissues. In a few instances, the rabbits didn't exhibit the patient's illness but developed an entirely different disease.

(2) Dear Support-Testimonial from customer.

NoCallPlease: NoCallPlease

Feedback: I have been suffering with severe gum infections for months. I have infections under two crowns & a bridge. I was so sick in the spring when one area of my gums abcessed, my face swelled up & my mouth was only open only a tiny bit in one corner where I could get some water in. I wound up running fevers and had to confine myself to bed for weeks. The dentists would not work on me unless I took 10 days of antibiotics, which I would not. I eat a very healthy , natural diet & will NOT put any drugs in my system. I now have fibromyalgia and problems with my stomach & esophagus. When I did an online search for natural cures for gum infections I found your website. I ordered the kit plus 1 extra bottle.

I was a bit skeptical because I tried other natural things that helped some, but did not do as well as I had hoped. I am in my 3rd day of using your product & the swelling I had in three areas has gone down & continues to do so. The one area swells up each day with a bubble that I have to pop & drain. That has not happened today! I intend to keep using your product & hope that my mouth becomes well enough to get my three teeth fixed!
A priodontist wanted to perform 4 surgeries & gum treatments for my gingivitis, which I do not believe I have any longer, and the work would have cost me $4,000 and I have no dental insurance! I am always thankful when I can find natural solutions to my health problems!

Thank You,
Lorraine in- New Jersey


Best wishes,

Sung Lee

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