Gum Disease & General Health Tips #44

Gum Disease & General Health Tips #44

(1) Mouth Bacteria Have A Free Ride In The Bloodstream to Any and All Tissues of The Body

-By Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

(2) Testimonial - From a customer


(1) Mouth Bacteria Have A Free Ride In The Bloodstream To

Any and All Tissues of The Body
By Dr. George Meining,D.D.S.,

We are all aware the organisms which cause the breakout of mumps,typhoid fever,measles,diphtheria,smallpox,scarlet fever, etc. are highly specialized strains of certain infectious bacteria. On the other hand, organisms that are involved in dental infections, for the most part, do not target their activities against a specific organ or set of tissues.
When they do, it is generally because the person infected has had, or is at the time suffering from, an acute process or difficulty in that tissue. not only that, but when the cause of the focus of infection is removed - that is, the infected tooth, tonsil,tonsil tag, etc. - the acute process or illness usually completely disappears.

Strangely enough, streptococcus - and sometimes other organisms - as they originally appear in the mouth, are relatively harmless, non-virulent strains of bacteria. What is so unique about these germs is their great capability of adapting to whatever confronts them in their environmental surroundings. Dr. Price found they could learn to thrive and cause serious illnesses even in the presence of poisons which originally, in but one-tenth the concentration, would have completely inhibited their growth.

These same families of organisms did not have any of these destructive qualities when they first took up residence in the mouth. Earlier I states that when the bacteria trapped
in root-filled teeth escape their nesting place in the tooth, they have a free ride in the bloodstream to any and all tissues of the body.

In their travels through the liver,heart,joints,eyes,kidneys, etc., certain bacteria will find one or more organs or tissues attractive and set up a new home, a life that results that results in that tissue's becoming disabled.


(2) Dear Support-Testimonial from customer.

Dear Sung,

As I stated in my last email...I have been using your gum solution for about a year and a half.
Before starting with your wonderful product I suffered with bleeding and soreness of my gums. Within the last 6 months those problems have become the stuff of memory. My gums not only feel wonderful, in that there is no more soreness but they seem to be a better and healthier color.

I will continue to be a customer as soon as my current supply runs low and I recommend this solution to anyone interested in the health of their gums.

Keep up the good work, and thanks


Joe Cortelli

Best wishes,

Sung Lee

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