Disease Causing Bacteria is capable of mutating...

Disease Causing Bacteria is capable of mutating...

Dr . George Meinig's,DDS, FACD, own words about "Root Canal Cover-Up".
"Root Canal Cover-Up." Some dentist argue that the bacteria die off because the root canal filling blocks off their source of nutrition. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, disease causing bacteria is capable of mutating and changing their form. Dr. Price, DDS, found that the challenge of a changed environment actually caused the organisms to become virile and their toxins much more toxic. It will interest you to know that this discovery of Dr. Price's was confirmed in recent times by a German oncologist named Dr. Josef Issel. He was able to identify these toxins and found them to be closely related to the same chemicals used by the Germans in World War I to make mustard gas.

The bacteria which contribute to most of today's disease can no longer be killed by antibiotics because the same poly-morphic ability of bacteria to mutate, change and adjust that happens in root canals is happening to these organisms in response to antibiotics. These bacteria are involved in most illnesses.

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