Degenerative Disease Caused by Tooth Infections

Degenerative Disease Caused by Tooth Infections

Degenerative Disease Caused by Tooth Infections
Case Histories.- Part II- By Dr. George Meining, D.D.S.,

* It is extremely disturbing to think about all the degenerative diseases which exist and are bankrupting our people and our country. Worst of all is the fact so many people are dying of afflictions which could be alleviated.
* In this chapter about degenerative diseases, I have included some of the more common ones Dr. Price presented in his two books, and pictures illustrating these conditions.
The degenerative diseases mentioned in this chapter were:
* Eye infections: picture of a patient and tooth x-ray.
* Kidney disease: picture of a kidney swollen to five times its normal size.
* Stomach ulcer, Ovarian cyst, Testicles, Bladder, Chorea, Hysteria and lassitude.
* The above examples would give you some idea of the thousands of different degenerative disease cases which were extensively studies.
* Should you have a degenerative disease defying your physician's best efforts, you might present him/her/with a copy of this book. Only your physician or dentist is in a position to assess what is best for you regarding the removal of root filled or possibly infected teeth.
* If removal of a tooth or teeth is decided upon, please read Chapter 25 carefully as it contains the protocol for removal of infected tissue which might otherwise remain in the tooth's socket.

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