[Case Study] Ultimate Gum Solution Discontinued Use?

[Case Study] Ultimate Gum Solution Discontinued Use?

Hopefully, by now you have seen the results for yourself.

(if not, please try to product here

Here some important information regarding this product...

There have been several cases of customers stopping Ultimate Gum Solution after seeing results. 

Please read these case studies...

Gums begin to bleed again and bad breath returns

“I have been using Ultimate Gum Solution for almost a year now. At one point, I forgot to re-order and almost immediately my gums began to bleed again, and I knew my breath was bad. Since then I have re-ordered and not only does my mouth feel fresher, my gums no longer bleed and I feel healthier. I don't want to be without this product!


C. Jensen”

Stopped using after success, but different condition comes 9 months later

"Hi Sung

The first dental problem I had was with a tooth that had a temporary crown on it. The temporary crown became loose and bacteria got in. The dentist removed the temporary crown and said the tooth needed a root canal at a cost of $1400.00. He also said he could not guarantee the root canal as I have a tooth that is still in the gum growing sideways and that tooth prevented him from seeing the entire root of the tooth that needed the root canal.

One day I bite down too hard on that tooth and it became infected and sore. That is when I found the Ultimate Gum Solution.  It worked immediately. That was 9 months or so ago. I have not had a problem with the tooth since. Then a piece broke off one of my wisdom teeth (top lefthand side). the tooth started to ache. I immediately ordered more Ultimate Gum Solution. The tooth was very uncomfortable for two days until I received my order.  I applied the UGS immediately at about 4.30 p.m. and kept applying more solution until I went to bed that night.

I had a sound sleep and woke up the next morning with no pain or soreness in the tooth or gum area.  I keep the UGS by my bed and use it last thing at night after I clean and floss my teeth.

I also keep it in my purse to have it available at all times.

Thank you


Yvon – Santa Barbara"


We believe the reason why issues return after people discontinue Ultimate Gum Solution is because nutritional absorption needs to be continuous. If you stop providing direct nutrition to the gums, symptoms will return. 

Good news...

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