[Case Study] Toothache Relief After Trying Everything Else

[Case Study] Toothache Relief After Trying Everything Else

Toothaches are tricky...

They can be caused by a wide variety of different conditions. 

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Post-surgery complications
  • Root infections
  • Grinding
  • Damaged fillings

Proper treatment depends on the ability to properly diagnose the problem.

But many people have experienced misdiagnosis and thus had treatments that haven't worked!

Our experience has shown that a nutritional solution can solve many of the conditions and their root cause, which is nutritional deficiency.

This might be hard to swallow for some,

But consider the following cases: 

Healing a mysterious gum pain that the dentist couldn't solve.

“Feedback: Since 7 years I had problems with my gums. It all started when I got crowns on my left upper side followed by some root canals. The pain I had back then was unbelievable and I went from dentist to physician and I even had acupuncture done for a few months. Nothing seemed to really work and nobody believed the pain I had because everything looked fine and the dentist couldn’t help me anymore. So I thought that I have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. A few weeks ago I had a gingivectomy on my upper left tooth which caused me so much pain again. That’s when I started to look around in the internet to find some answers to my problem. It was easy to find the page of #1 Dental Care and after reading about it, I ordered the Ultimate Gum Solution. As it is a 100 % Natural Herb Solution, I was quite excited to use it, and I wasn’t afraid about side effects. Now, one week later I must say, the pain is gone and I am so happy that I finally found a solution!
 n to my problem. 
Thank you for producing such a fine product”.

- Susanna Luebbert

Skeptic avoids tooth extraction and fixes years of pain in 2 weeks

 “I’ve only used UGS for a month, and I was skeptical at first. I had two teeth that were loose and cracked off at the gum, and one was just in half. The pain came and went. I wasn’t ready to go to the dentist because I KNEW he would pull them. Prior to that, I had gone almost 2 years without much pain. When I used UGS, within one week, I was not having the intense throbbing that normally accompanies a cracked tooth. This stuff was amazing! Within two weeks, I could CALMLY and without pain think about going to the dentist and get it taken care of. I honestly think that healing was faster than it would be normally. I still have a few steps to perfect teeth, but with UGS, it will be much better not having to deal with the pain.”

- Phil Ohio, USA

Solved severe toothache and can eat favorite foods again

 “I just want to say that this stuff is absolutely fantastic. I was experiencing severe toothache (I don't think there is a mild type!!). Within a day the problem eased, now I am virtually pain free. I have cancelled my dental appointment (thank goodness!!) realizing it was the gums not a tooth creating the problem. Also, I can even eat ice-cream with no pain. Your product really is miraculous. I am just off to check out your affiliate program now as I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your products!! As I said before I am totally impressed by UGS. I was experiencing horrendous pain which started to alleviate from the first application. After three days I was pain free, and it has not returned. Hurrah!! J”

- Janet, Great Britain 

Unbearable chronic pain fixed upon applicatoin

“Over a year ago I broke a tooth whilst eating, the pain was unbearable so I tried different ways to kill the pain. I put neat Vodka on the tooth which eased it slightly, Oil of cloves which did nothing, I even used Ice cubes which did numb the area. I then deciced to go on the Internet, I put chronic toothache in Jeeves and the UGS website was one off the sites that came up. I sent for two bottles  and have been using it since. I can HONESTLY say that in the time that I have been using UGS,approx 9 months, the only time that I have any pain was once again eating something and the food I was chewing  pressed down on to the broken tooth, I applied some UGS and the pain eased. I think that without UGS I would have gone mad, it is absolutely wonderfull .

Yours gratefully, 

John Sidebotham”

Hesitant buyer find post-surgery relief she had been looking for

"I had suffered for many years with transient dental pain due to the multiple root canals, and was looking for any relief. I came upon the Ultimage Gum Solution and decided to contact Mr. Lee and give it a try. I met with him and he was such a gentleman. He explained all that went into the research and preparation of the product. 

I purchased, but at first was hesitant. I really needed a miracle. 
Anyway, I gave it a try, and it did calm down the pain of the infection and post-extraction. 
I use it everyday. I drench my gums and almost use it as a mouthwash. I do believe that it is all that it claims to be. 
You must get used to the taste, first. 
After awhile, you do become accustomed to it and it's no big deal. Would rather have healthy gums and endure the taste than suffer the alternatives.

I do recommend the product to anyone experiencing any kind of dental pain, gum pain.”

- Nancy Amundson, California

Try it for yourself

We are dedicated to helping more people have healthy smiles through their life. Ultimate Gum Solution truly is a life changing product. It may or may not work for you, but that is why...

We are letting everyone try the only 100% natural nutritional mouthwash! 

You can get a free 14-day supply.

Learn more and get your free bottle here.

We are dedicated to helping more people have healthy smiles through their life. Ultimate Gum Solution truly is a life changing product. 


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