[Case Study] How Much Money Can Ultimate Gum Solution Save?

[Case Study] How Much Money Can Ultimate Gum Solution Save?

If you have any sort of gum or teeth issue, consider this...

Dental bills can start to add up.

Here are some common prices

  1. Crown: $500 - $2,500 per tooth
  2. Fillings: $75 - $200 per tooth
  3. Implants - $3200 - $4000 per tooth
  4. Root planing $140 - $240 per tooth
  5. Gum pocket shots - $75 per tooth
  6. Active Periodontal therapy - $115 per session

Treatment can reach up to $10,000 depending on the severity of the disease.


Ultimate Gum Solution has many who have used the product and have saved money. Here's how we know.

  • They had been prescribed expensive treatment but used the product and the dentist found the issues resolved.
  • They had already spent money, but couldn't fix the issue. Then¬†found a solution with this inexpensive product.¬†
  • Knew they had to get a treatment, but tried Ultimate Gum Solution first, and found a resolution quickly.¬†

Take some time to look at these cases:

$6000 spent on bleeding gums without success and then finally solved with Ultimate Gum Solution.

a resident of Baltimore, MD. My husband, Amit Tripathi, had recently ordered a 1 oz Bottle of the UGS for me. I must say that I was a chronic sufferer of the dental condition. My gums were red and would bleed very frequently. I used to wake up every morning with bad breath and was getting so depressed. I wanted to get some relief ASAP. I had tried out many medicines on the condition which had not really helped much. I faintly remember spending some ~ 6000$ on the condition. So after visiting your site I decided to give Ultimate Gum Solution‚ĄĘ a shot and that was the beginning of the happy phase for me. My bad breath was actually out on the 3rd day. It took only 8 days for the gum bleeding to stop for the good and my gums have also regained the natural color. After using this product I am confident that even the most chronic dental conditions, are curable.¬†Finally there is an amazing product that works.¬†I would strongly recommend this product to anyone with any serious or chronic condition. The best part is that it is a natural product and I am sure would be free of any side effects‚ÄĚ.

- Madhumita Bhatt

$8000 spent and finally feeling relief with Ultimate Gum Solution

I have been using Gum Solution for approximately 6 weeks.  I no longer have toothaches.    It is a blessing!  My dentist commented on how healthy my gums looked last week - and it was my first visit in three years!  I am so pleased with the product that I am having my mother use it.  She has spent $8,000 in the last 18 months on dental work.  She just called yesterday and asked me to send her another bottle of the gum solution.  She is finally feeling relief.  Thank you so much for your wonderful product! 

Best Regards,

S. Tornabene - CA

Saved $1600 on pain and antibiotic medication

I have had great immediate results with the Ultimate Gum Solution.‚ĄĘ like many others I do not and cannot afford dental insurance and have had to go recently and had the dentist prescribe pain pills and antibiotics and a $1,600.00 estiamate for root canal and to recap my tooth...needless to say I could not afford this I did take the medications and felt worst and this did not help and I was not able to go in for the dental work due to the finances and I found this dental solution online and felt like I could give this a try my tooth was reinfected and the pain was so horrible it was affecting my health and I am contract work and cannot afford to be without work or feeling able to deal with customers and so I decided to try this the price was amazingly affordable and I was so ill from this getting worse!!! I received this overnite I was so desperate to try this and needed it immediately I was very impressed with the quickness and the response from the handling of the order to recieving it. I also have to say the best part of all which I saved for last....¬†¬† I am.. feeling better already it happened to take an immediate effect on reducing the infection and the PAIN.. I was taking not only the pain meds for my tooth before but extra strength advil/asperine anything I could to help me through this.. but the only thing that did indeed help was the Ultimate Gum Solution‚ĄĘ and it was very easy to use and I still cannot believe but can certainly testify this does work and I am sold and have already told many of the people I know and work with I feel so relieved and believe in it 100% plus!!!! It worked on the evening I started taking it I felt the pain leaving and by the next night ALL of my pain was gone and my fever and the infection GONE!!!¬† I am very grateful and will keep ordering and keeping a supply of this product.¬†¬† Thanks very much!!!!

Pamela O'Brien

$100 per antibiotic shot, avoided

Hi Sung,

This Duane in Hollywood . You know  the guy that comes to your place to pick up my UGS in person.  Here is my testimony: 1 have been using Ultimate Gum Solution for about 5 months now.  I have had gum problems for years and spent so much money on dental work that it is just unbelievable.  SInce I discovered this product, my gums havent been bleeding and my mouth has never been healthier.  My dentist had advised me to get some antibiotic shots in my gums to kill the infections that were deep in my gums that ran 100 00 a shot.  After using this product he was amazed that my gums were healthy and I no longer needed the shots.  He asked "What did you do?"  I recommend this product for everyone even if you havent had gums issues, this will no doubt  fix and prevent gum problems in the future.  THis product deserves 5 stars!!

Duane ‚Äď Hollywood


Try it for yourself

We are dedicated to helping more people have healthy smiles through their life. Ultimate Gum Solution truly is a life changing product. It may or may not work for you, but that is why...

We are letting everyone try the only 100% natural nutritional mouthwash! 

You can get a free 14-day supply.

Learn more and get your free bottle here.

We are dedicated to helping more people have healthy smiles through their life. Ultimate Gum Solution truly is a life changing product. 


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