Bad Breath vs Gum Disease

Bad Breath vs Gum Disease

How Are Gum Disease and Bad Breath Related?

If you have bad breath or halitosis you know how embarrassing and unpleasant this condition can be. Do you know that bad breath could be a sign of gum disease?

Oral bacteria is actually what causes bad breath by emitting hydrogen sulfur vapors.

Gum disease is an oral infection that affects the tissues and bone surrounding your teeth. As gum disease begins, the first stage is called gingivitis. Gingivitis will occur when the bacteria from plaque begins to irritate the gums because your teeth are not being properly cleaned. With gingivitis you will probably notice a foul breath odor that will go away when you brush you teeth.

However, in advanced stages of gum disease the tissues and bone that hold your teeth in position begin to break down or deteriorate. Thus creating deep pockets between your teeth and gums called periodontal pockets. It makes sense that this is where food particles are going to become lodged.

As bacteria clings to these food particles and grow the result will be bad breath. Because these pockets are often very deep they cannot be properly cleaned by everyday brushing and flossing the foul odor remains. Usually only a professional dental cleaning will be able to remove this debris from your teeth and restore the inoffensive breath back to your mouth.

Do you suffer from canker sores? They are frequently related to bad breath, particularly when they are associated with gum disease. Another result of bad breath is when gingivitis progresses into acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG). What is that? ANUG is more commonly called "trenchmouth" a painful ulcerative infection. Often times, your dentist can accurately determine the presence of gum disease problems prior to his/her examination process. This is because your breath will have a very distinctive odor relative to active gum disease.

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