Say goodbye to painful gum issues with Ultimate Gum Solution!
If you're someone who suffers from gum disease or gum problems, Ultimate Gum Solution is the solution you've been looking for!
Happy Clients
Years Experience
Ultimate Gum Solution Single Strength bottle
These people used Ultimate Gum Solution to heal their gum problems:
Testimonials From Health Professionals:
"I have had bleeding gums for over 30 years. Time and time again I have tried both professionally and personally to stop the problem. Three nights ago I tried your product, the Ultimate Gum Solution. It stopped the bleeding on the second Night! And it’s completely healed! This is the best thing I have ever used and I have used dozens Over the years. Thank you so much!"
Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips

CEO of Monastery Of Herbs

"I have had trouble with sensitive gums for a while now...eating hot and cold foods can be bothersome. Since I started using Ultimate Gum Solution...there is a lot less pink in the sink and I don't cringe when I eat ice cream or drink coffee. The bottle is very condensed, so even though it looks small, a little goes a long way... places where the gums had started to recede are also looking much better... "

Laura DeLuca

Health Product Blogger

“…this solution contains Fulvic acid as well as other nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids)…both kills germs and improves overall health of gums by delivering nutrients to strengthen tissues. Given my presenting problem (inflamed spot in a tight space in my mouth), this application appears to have helped with my issue…not a placebo effect or a short term remission of the issue. I have dealt with it for over 5 years and know the patterns…”

Shari Custer

Higher Education Professional

"I had gum infections with pain for a while. After inserting Ultimate Gum Solution™ to the infected area for two days my gum infection and swelling disappeared with no pain. I am very happy now."

Monica Yoo

Healthcare Professional

"I have a health products store. I have used many different dental gum products from other stores. This Ultimate Gum Solution™ works best. Within one day I saw good results. I decided to distribute this product from my store. I can recommend it to anybody who has dental gum problems. I know they will have good results."

Virgie Dolar

Healthcare Professional

"..using Ultimate Gum Solution for 5 weeks already and my canker sores are gone and my red cuts inside my mouth have healed….. I am a Cardiac nurse and do know that bad tooth infections have lead to extreme heart diseases, like Pericarditis which may be caused by bacterial infections..."

Robin Lee

Cardiac Nurse

The Background Story
Dr Weston Price 300x206
Based On The Tested And Proven Clinical Research by Dr. Weston Price, DDS.
After treating over 5,000 dental patients, Dr. Price tested and proved his theory that the cause of dental decay is nutritional deficiencies and focal infection (published in two volumes of books). This theory was also endorsed by the most well-known medical doctors and dentists in America including Dr. Charles Mayo who established the Mayo Clinic later.
Ultimate Gum Solution Is Based On Dr. Price's Research
Mr. Sung Lee invented Ultimate Gum Solution out of a desperate need. After 30 years going to dental specialists, he had spent over $25,000 for major gum procedures with only partial success. He had to visit the dentist office monthly for gum infection treatment! There seemed to be no end to his gum disease …

He began researching Dr. Weston Price's clinical findings that the cause of dental decay is nutritional deficiencies. Based on Dr. Price's discoveries Mr. Lee created the Ultimate Gum Solution nutritional liquid. He developed it over three years constantly testing it on himself for the best result.

Since formulating and using Ultimate Gum Solution, he has not spent even one penny for gum treatment.

He said: "I still have a few very serious gum pockets, depth range from more than 7mm. I used to have infection all the time. Now I have no more painful infections from my gum pockets since I started using Ultimate Gum Solution."

Mr. Lee has retired but wants to continue sharing this special formula with everyone because he knows how painful and expensive dental problems are.

We can proudly say, that after 15 years of producing and selling his formula, we have countless customers and growing - just like your gum will...
How Ultimate Gum Solution Can Help You
Ultimate Gum Solution is a 100% natural liquid gum treatment with strong antibacterial ingredients that kills harmful bacteria while is gentle on the gum and teeth. It helps relieve painful gum and tooth issues and fights gum degeneration.
It acts as:
  • an analgesic to relieve gum pain
  • an antibacterial within the deep pockets of the gum
  • a preventive protectant against gum infection.
It can help:
  • ✓ Heal gum disease at the root cause
  • ✓ Stop receding, bleeding, swollen or sore gums
  • ✓ Get relief from tooth and gum pain
  • ✓ Eliminate bad breath and its causes
  • ✓ Treat periodontal disease
  • ✓ Help to avoid expensive root canal & gum surgery
  • ✓ Even relieve canker sore pain
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Ultimate Gum Solution liquid
Ultimate Gum Solution liquid
Other Benefits
Easy To Use
After brushing your teeth apply just 5 drops on gums thoroughly with toothbrush reaching infected areas. 
Small but powerful! It's a concentrated liquid in a 1 oz (30ml) bottle, very easy to carry around in a purse. No need to dilute.
Ultimate Gum Solution - middle
100% Natural
Contains over 96 proprietary blended and processed natural nutritional ingredients. Zero harmful chemicals.
Tried and Tested
Based on the clinical research of Dr. Weston Price, developed and self-tested for three years by the inventor, and clinically tested on 57 dental patients with excellent results.
More Details
Main Ingredients: Morinda Citrifolia, CoQ10, high dose Vitamin A/B2/B9/C/E/D/K 

Additional Ingredients: ginseng, ginkgo biloba, organic seaweeds, fulvic acid, organic aloe vera leaf, kelp, lutein, wild blueberry extracts, some amino acids, enzymes, and minerals.

Altogether more than 96 natural ingredients are blended in a proprietary process that brings out the maximum efficacy. 
Clinically Tested
"We tested 57 of our own dental patients, and the results showed up to 91% positive results within 3 to 7 days, for symptoms such as bad breath, swollen gums, receding gums, toothache. All of them have good results. I want to recommend this product to anyone who has a gum infection problem. I didn't find any side effects." 
- Dr. Ner H. Azaula, D.D.S.

See the diagram on the right. y-axis represent the percentage of patients in the test. 
Usage Instructions
1. Brush your teeth as normal then apply 5 drops of UGS on gums thoroughly 1-3 times a day depending on need. Apply with toothbrush or rub in with finger if sensitive. Make sure drops reach infected areas. 

2. Rinse mouth with drop/saliva mixture (add little water if needed) then spit it out or swallow.

3. Don't eat or drink anything other than water for the next 30 minutes to maximize the effects.

4. We recommend using UGS as part of your regular oral health maintenance, just like brushing or flossing, to keep bacteria at bay and prevent any serious gum infection.
Size and Serving
- 1 bottle: 1 oz (ounce) = 30 ml
- Serving Size: 5 drops/usage - about 1/3 ml
- Servings Per Container: 450 drops
Light usage: 1 serving/day = about 90 days
Heavy usage for serious problem: 3 servings/day = about 30 days
365-Day 100% Guarantee
We stand behind our product 100%.
We know it works.
We are so confident that you will be happy with it, that if you are not completely satisfied with Ultimate Gum Solution™, then return the original purchase receipt and unused portion of Ultimate Gum Solution™ within one year of your purchase, and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.
No questions asked.